How it works

Submit a link to Bitcoin Links

Everybody is free to submit a web site.

In order to do so, you must first create a user account. Then, click the "Add a link" button. A form will appear, in which you can add the following data: Title, Short description, Screenshot (must be of dimensions 320x240 px), URL, Category (up to 3 categories), Tags (to further refine the category, up to 5 can be selected).

Once submitted, the web site will be reviewed by one of the Bitcoin Links administrators. When the site is published on Bitcoin Links, you will receive an email. If the web site is not allowed (for any of the reasons listed below), it will be rejected and you will be notified by email.

Allowed sites

Bitcoin Links is open to all links as long as they add value to the Bitcoin ecosystem. The exceptions are listed below.

Sites that are not allowed

  1. Scam sites. Investment sites that promises to "double" your bitcoins, get rich quick or sites for cloud mining are red flags and not allowed here.
  2. Gambling sites and sites related to gambling. If you want to advertise a gambling site, please contact us.
  3. Shops that sell products or services not related to Bitcoin, but allow Bitcoin for payment. We cannot afford to add such shops as there are simply too many. Instead, Bitcoin Links accepts maps and directories of these shops and you should add such shops to one of these. Note that we do accept shops for Bitcoin-focused products, e.g. shops that sell Bitcoin-related merchandising (clothes, mining gear etc.)
  4. Sites that are not functional.
  5. Sites that do not fulfill minimum usability requirements.
  6. Duplicates of sites already present.

Cleaning up

We regularly prune the database of Bitcoin Links in order to assure that all links are up to date and working.

A site will be removed if one of the following happens:

  • The linked site has stopped working and its owner does not show any signs of wanting to fix this.
  • The owner of the linked site has shown a deliberate and provable ignoble behavior.

Making changes to an entry in Bitcoin Links

If you are the owner of a site listed in Bitcoin Links and you would like to make a change to its entry, get in touch with us.

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